When the Backup to disk jobs run, the compression ratio is not displayed.

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Compression ratio is not displayed on Backup to disk backup jobs.


Whenever a backup job is run on a Tape media, the compression achieved for the job is displayed under the statistics tab for media properties.
However the same is not displayed for backup to disk job. Compression ratio field is blank.

This difference observed is basically due to the fact that the Backup Exec supports two types of compression - "Hardware" compression performed by the tape drive's firmware, and "Software" compression implemented within the Backup Engine. Whenever compression statistics associated with media are viewed, it represents hardware compression only. The field was never intended to be used for Software Compression. The tape drives and ADAMM have no knowledge of any software compression that may have occurred.  The only compression available to Backup-to-disk is software compression, therefore it is inappropriate for any compression ratio to be listed for Backup-to-disk media.

Figure 1: Showing the Blank field for compression ratio of backup-to-disk media under Devices tab.

Figure 2: Showing the Blank field for compression ratio of backup-to-disk under statistics tab.


The Software compression for a backup-to-disk media however can be viewed from the job log.
Use a Notepad to open the BEX_<ServerName>_0XXXX.xml [Related to the backup to Disk  job]. Here Software Compression Ratio is seen.
[ The  BEX_<ServerName>_0XXXX.xml is located under the Default path -"C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data"]

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