Test run job fails with error "no devices found to run job"

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 "Job failed running its test run. See log file for details" (a0008703 HEX or e0008703 HEX) No devices found to run job is reported when running a "Test Run"


Error Message

Final Error Code:  a0008703 HEX (0xa0008703 HEX) or e0008703 HEX (0xe0008703 HEX)
Final Error Description:  "Job failed running its test run. See log file for details"
Final Error Category:  Jobs Errors

Note:  Above error is a generic error code/description that is reported if the Test Run job fails.Additional information is available in the Job History and Job Log to help determine the reason for the Test Run failure.



Error Text in Job History:

-  "Insufficient online or near line media is available to start job"
-  "There is no media online or near line that can be overwritten or the job has been marked append/terminate"

Cause 1:  There is insufficient media in the backup device (standalone drive or robotic library) for the backup job to overwrite or append to.  

Cause 2:  The backup device specified in the backup job is a "backup-to-disk-folder" or "backup-to-disk device" that has not been written to before

- "Warning: Unable to reasonably detect which device this job will run to. Different possible outcomes depending on which device this job runs to. Please target a specific device to avoid this conflict."

Cause 3:   The backup job is configured to use a "Drive Pool," "Cascaded Drive Pool," or "All Drives."  



Cause 1 Resolution:- 
Add media to the backup device that can be overwritten or appended to (depending on whether the job is configured to overwrite or append to media).
Cause 2 Resolution:-
Create and run a backup job that backs up at least one file and targets the "backup-to-disk-folder" or "backup-to-disk device".  This will initialize the "backup-to-disk-folder" or "backup-to-disk device" allowing the Test Run job to perform a "media check".
Cause 3 Resolution:-
In order for the Test Run to succeed, a specific backup device must be targeted in the backup job.


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