Backup of Microsoft SQL databases fails with V-79-57344-37951 - Database DATABASE_NAME has failed to freeze for the snapshot backup.

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When attempting to back up Microsoft SQL databases the backup job fails with error messages.

Error Message

Job Log:
V-79-57344-37951 - Database has failed to freeze for the snapshot backup. The SQL database may fail to freeze if there are issues such as insufficient memory, an out of disk space error occurs, or the user account does not have the appropriate permissions

Debug Logs:
[fsys\sql2]          - SQL2_PrepareForFreeze: Starting on database DATABASE_NAME.
[fsys\sql2]          - SQL2_PrepareForSnapBackup: Could not create component: x800700C1
[fsys\sql2]          - PrepareForFreeze failed on DATABASE_NAME.
[fsys\sql2]          + sql2snapback.cpp (203):
[fsys\sql2]          | Database %s failed to freeze for backup


SQL database backup jobs may fail if the credentials for the Windows server that SQL Server is installed on does not have sufficient rights to access SQL Server. Backup Exec uses Windows server credentials and the account may not have permissions to access the SQL Server. Ensure that the credentials used for SQL database backup jobs has been granted the appropriate permissions.

Note: In Backup Exec 2010 and earlier, you could have SQL Server specific credentials that enabled users to perform backup and restore operations for SQL Server and you did not have to use the Windows server credentials that SQL is installed on. However, for Backup Exec 2014 and later, you must use the Windows server credentials for all backup and restore operations.

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