Selecting a Host during Installation of Netbackup in Microsoft Cluster gives the popup without any error

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Selecting a Host during Installation of  Netbackup in Microsoft Cluster gives the popup without any error

Error Message


The Netbackup install log does not show any errors as the actual installation is not started. This is the complete install file created by NetBackup

04-28-2014,14:22:48 : 04-28-2014,14:22:48 : Starting Setup
04-28-2014,14:22:48 : 04-28-2014,14:22:48 : Performing installation on host: <xxxxx>
04-28-2014,14:22:48 : 04-28-2014,14:22:48 : Checking for 32-bit processor on a 64-bit system.
04-28-2014,14:22:48 : 04-28-2014,14:22:48 : User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on this host. Some administrators may not have full installation privileges in UAC-enabled environments. Are you sure you want to proceed?
04-28-2014,14:22:49 : 04-28-2014,14:22:49 : User elected to continue install even though UAC is enabled.
04-28-2014,14:22:59 : The directory C:\Users\adm2fts\AppData\Local\Temp\NBStaging does not exist. Will not attempt to remove.
04-28-2014,14:23:26 : On Init of CDlgChooseCustom
04-28-2014,14:23:26 : Leaving Init of CDlgChooseCustom
04-28-2014,14:23:26 : On Init of CDlgRemoteChooseCustom
04-28-2014,14:23:26 : Leaving Init of CDlgRemoteChooseCustom
04-28-2014,14:23:48 : vxpush directory C:\Users\adm2fts\AppData\Local\Temp\VxPush
04-28-2014,14:24:18 : vxpush directory C:\Users\adm2fts\AppData\Local\Temp\VxPush
04-28-2014,14:27:27 : vxpush directory C:\Users\adm2fts\AppData\Local\Temp\VxPush
04-28-2014,14:27:55 : vxpush directory C:\Users\adm2fts\AppData\Local\Temp\VxPush


The C$ share was missing due to some reason.


In this case recreating the administrative share "C$" and then re-running the installation resolved the issue. Running the pre-install check pin-pointed the issue.

Run the NetBackup pre-install check on the master server and it will show you the exact problem that is causing this error.

Use the latest Data Collector available on SORT

Applies To

Master Server OS: Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise

NBU Version:

Microsoft Cluster

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