Agent Install Status is not updated in DLO Admin console even after the DLO Agent is uninstalled from the client system

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Even after the SDLO Agent is removed from the Client Machines their Installation status is reported as Yes on the DLO Server Console. Also the Version number of the SDLO Agent is kept as is. If for some reason DLO Agent is uninstalled it shows the backups are not running at all for x number of days which creates confusion for DLO Administrator.



Currently this is working as per design

To update the DLO Agent Installation status in DLO Admin Console, DLO Agent has to update its Installation/Uninstallation status in the database server.
However, during installation/uninstallation DLO Agent does not communicate with database server, hence the DLO Agent installation status is not updated.

There are various reasons like during uninstallation if DLO Agent is offline or Database server is not reachable which would cause the above issue and hence
considering all these constraints this issue is not addressed in the current or previous versions of DLO

With DLO 7.6 there are additional reports to get more information on DLO Agent status which can be used as a way to get the status of the Agent whether it's installed or not.

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