Windows Update History disappears after restoring a system using Veritas System Recovery 2013

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After restoring a system from the Veritas System Recovery disk, the Windows View Update History is empty.


Because SSR 2013 uses the Microsoft VSS framework, this is expected behavior and it is working as designed.

For a more detailed explanation, please refer to: “After a file is added to the appropriate registry key value, it is deleted from the shadow copy during creation by the shadow copy optimization writer on a best-effort basis”. During SSR 'hot' backups, the Microsoft VSS framework snapshots the respective volumes and engages all the VSS writers, which also engages the shadow copy optimization writer. As per the FilesNotToSnapshop registry key in the above article, this VSS Writer honours the Windows Updates files and excludes them, though the backup history remains on the machine.


Because this is working as designed by Microsoft, there are no plans to address this issue. As a workaround, click the Installed Updates link in the Windows Update window. This will display all Microsoft updates currently on the system. (Please note that this does not have an impact when running Windows Update, which will recognize any installed updates and won't attempt to reinstall them.)

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