How to implement a pre- /post command when running a VM-Ware backup job

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How to implement a pre- /post command when running a VM-Ware backup job


When running a VM-Ware backup, the traditional way of using the pre- / post command functionality within Backup Exec is not possible.

If it is required to run a pre- / post command for a VM-Ware backup the following steps are required:

Edit the pre-freeze-script.bat and post-thaw-script.bat inside the VM and add your commands.
These two files are found in either or both of these paths:  C:\Program Files\veritas\Backup Exec\RAWS\VSS Provider or C:\Windows.

When the VMware snapshot request is made, the VM-Ware tools will call these files, therefore they can be used for other required commands although they will contain some BE commands.

To ensure that any VSS changes happen after your command has finished (a example a database has shut down completely) put the commands near the start of the pre-freeze.bat file and near the end of the post-thaw-script.bat file.

Only edit these files after the Backup Exec Remote Agent as been installed as the install does change these files.

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