How to configure Backup Exec Agent for VMware to retry snapshot removal and cleanup orphaned snapshots when backups begin.

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This technote describes the process of setting up Backup Exec Agent for VMware to retry snapshots removal and the cleanup or orphaned snapshots in Backup Exec 2012 or later versions.


With Backup Exec 2012 Hotfix 199866 functionality has been added to Backup Exec to attempt to remove snapshots multiple times if the first attempt fails and to attempt to cleanup orphaned Backup Exec snapshots if they exist at the beginning of the backup job.

Steps to configure snapshot retries:

  1. Install Hotfix 199866 on the Backup Exec server if Backup Exec 2012 is used.
  2. Stop all of the Backup Exec services.
  3. Open regedit on the Backup Exec server.
  4. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec for Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\VMWare Agent
  5. Change the value of the following key (create as DWORD if it does nto exist):
  6. "AutoOrphanSnapshotRemoval" value data = 1
  7. Change the value of the following key (create as DWORD if it does not exist):
  8. "RemoveSnapshotRetryCount" value data = non-zero (this controls the number of retries, suggested to set as 2 initially)
  9. Exit regedit
  10. Start the Backup Exec services

Note: All keys are DWORD (32-bit) Value and all value data settings should be set to Hexadecimal.  Setting the key to a value of "0" will disable the functionality.
Note: Any orphaned snapshots left prior to installing and configuring these settings will have to manually be removed.
Note: It is possible for something in the VMware environment to be causing the failure to remove, in such cases these registry keys may not help and customer should consider troubleshooting with VMware.


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Requirements:  Before making the changes listed in this technote, Hotfix 19986 (or later) must be installed on the Backup Exec server.

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