A RAID firmware update is available for NetBackup 5220 Appliances to resolve charge state and fatal RAID errors.

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A newer version of the RAID firmware for NetBackup 5220 Appliances is available which resolves several issues.

A defect has been identified in the RAID firmware stack which prevents the controller from coming ready when a device reset is issued from the device driver. The RAID controller is not completing the online controller reset (OCR) sequence.

A RAID Fatal Firmware error may be encountered on the Intel SROMBSAS RAID Controller under a specific set of circumstances. This RAID Controller hosts the internal RAID 6 Virtual /Storage Disk. When this error occurs, the RAID Controller and the RAID 6 Virtual Disk will no longer be seen in the Appliance Operating System and NetBackup.  Backup jobs will fail.

Finally, aging battery backup units (BBUs) are affected by an issue which causes incorrect status reporting.  This new firmware also contains an enhancement that prolongs the life of aging BBUs.

Error Message

Several errors may be observed relating to the above issues.

1. An incorrect absolute state of charge of the BBU is reported - for example:

Relative State of Charge: 100 %
Charger System State: 49168
Charger System Ctrl: 0
Charging current: 0 mA
Absolute state of charge: 3808 %

2. Fatal firmware errors are logged - for example:

Event Description: Fatal firmware error: Line 334 in ../../i2c/i2cArbitrator.c

String: Line 334 in ../../i2c/i2cArbitrator.c


Event Description: Fatal firmware error: Line 252 in ../../raid/mtask.c

_monTask: Online Controller Disabled  0  0 

How to determine if Affected:
To check firmware version, log into the CLISH menu and issue these commands:

  • Support
  • MegaCli Run
  • -adpallinfo -aall | grep "FW Version" | grep "1.40"

Examine the final number in the firmware version returned - versions prior to 2004 have the potential to be affected by this issue. 


Last login: Mon Jul  9 16:14:56 2012 from example.symantec.com

Appliance  Media server appliance configuration.
Exit       Logout and exit from the current shell.
Manage     Manage NetBackup Appliance.
Monitor    Monitor NetBackup Appliance Activities.
Network    Network Administration.
Reports    Examine the running and historical state of the host.
Settings   Change NetBackup Appliance Settings.
Shell      Shell operations.
Support    NetBackup Support.

nbapp.Main_Menu> Support
Entering NetBackup Support view...
Beacon          Flashes or stops flashing the lights.
DataCollect     Gather device logs.
Disk            Gather disk information.
Errors          Display NetBackup errors.
Exit            Logout and exit from the current shell.
FactoryReset    Reset this appliance to factory defaults.
Logs            Set level, share, unshare, view, and upload debug logs.
Maintenance     Launch maintenance shell.
MegaCli         Use MegaCli utility to manage RAID volumes.
Messages        Display the messages file.
NBDNA           Network traces with NBDNA tool (Select Create or Remove).
NBSU            Manage NetBackup support data files (Select Create or Remove).
Processes       Show/control NetBackup and Admin Console processes.
Reboot          Reboot the system.
RecoverStorage  Test the current status of various appliance components.
Return          Return to the previous menu.
Shell           Shell operations.
Show            Display information.
Shutdown        Power off the system.
Test            Test the current status of various appliance components.

nbapp.Support> MegaCli Run
Please enter options:
MegaCli64 -adpallinfo -aall | grep "FW Version" | grep "1.40"
FW Version         : 1.40.232-

Note: Enter q to exit.


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 2988184) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup Appliances 2.5.2

A firmware update is included as part of the upgrade process.

This release is now available - please access the Related Article linked below for download and README information.

If it is determined that a firmware upgrade is necessary and an immediate upgrade is not feasible, please contact Symantec technical support, referencing this docuent and Etrack 2988184 to obtain the firmware and update instructions.


Applies To

This issue affects the Netbackup 5220 Appliance with Symantec Storage Shelf (JBOD).


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