How to restore all archived items back to mailboxes


Archived items, from one or more archives, need to be restored back to the original mailbox or a designated mailbox of your choice.


Use the Enterprise Vault Export Wizard (See Related Articles section below)

  1. Open the Vault Administration Console and expand the tree until you can see the 'Archives' sub-tree
  2. Right click the 'Archives' sub-tree and select 'Export...'  

  3. Then choose 'Export Archives to their original mailboxes' 

  4. Follow the wizard through to completion

The above steps should have restored all items, from the archive, back to the original mailbox from which they were archived originally.

Check the export report for any problem items, this is usually found in the Enterprise Vault Install location (C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\Reports\Export_***********.txt) the export report will be named according to the date of the export e.g. Export_20121002074055.txt (2012/10/02 07:40:55).

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