Best Practices: NetBackup PureDisk: Adding a Content Router and running Rerouting

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Some customers had problems with rerouting, caused by a variety of problems.


The attached document contains:

  • a lot of information on how rerouting works
  • checks to be taken before adding a content router to prevent potential rerouting problems
  • tips on how to monitor rerouting closely, to detect potential issues early
  • suggestions on what (not) to do when rerouting fails

The document was written for following PureDisk versions:

  • NBU 50x0 Appliance, patch level (+ ET2701800-bundle)
  • PureDisk 6.6.3a (+ ET2657689-bundle)

However, most of the information also applies to both earlier or newer versions of PureDisk.


Applies To

NBU 50x0 Appliance or PureDisk 6.6.3a

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