How to setup SMTP Email Notifications in Backup Exec 2012

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How to setup SMTP Email Notifications in Backup Exec 2012


  1. Click the Backup Exec Button
  2. Select configurations and settings --> Alerts and Notifications --> Recipient configurations
  3. Click add a recipient, Click yes if a configuration pop up box appears
  4. Under Email Server: Type the name of the exchange server.  The IP address can also be used.  (i.e. or
  5. Enter in the name of the sender in the Sender Name: field.  (i.e. Administrator)
  6. Enter in the Email address of the sender in the Sender Email address: field ( )
  7. Click OK
  8. In the next window that opens, enter in the user name of the person to send the notification to in the Name:  field
  9. Check the Send notifications by Email  box and then enter in the Recipient's email address (i.e.
  10. Make sure to send a test Email
  11. Alternately, a notification can be sent via text message as well by checking the Send notifications by text message box and entering in the phone number of the device
  12. Click Ok and view the test Email.

Note for using Google Apps

To use Google email servers as the SMTP relay, follow the instructions located at Google Apps Documentation & Support A SPF record will need configured for the domain with the IP address of the device or application to ensure that recipients do not reject mail sent from it.

Applies To

Backup Exec 2012

Exchange Server (2003, 2007,or 2010)

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