Error is encountered while configuring Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) on the Central Server; error: Database configuration failed

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Installing VOM at the Central Server (CS) involves 2 steps.


1)  Installing the VOM software at the command line.

2)  Configure the software using a web browser.




During the configuration, an error is displayed about configuring the database (the installation wizard will automatically perform a rollback and display a link to view the configuration log).

Error Message



Central Server configuration log:

[02/02/2012 13:50:40] Executing: /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/xdbadm -s ***** HABDBSYNC -p ***** --odbc /etc/vx/VRTSsfmcs/.odbc.ini --database SFMdb3 --conf /var/opt/VRTSsfmcs/conf
[02/02/2012 13:50:41] Output:
[02/02/2012 13:50:41] Database configuration failed

error seen in config_db.log:

Wednesday, February  8, 2012 11:40:08 AM EST:  svcadm enable -s svc:/system/vxsfmcsdb:default   > /dev/null 2>&1
Wednesday, February  8, 2012 11:40:08 AM EST:  Warning: :  :

errors encountered during troubleshooting:

# /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/xdbadm -s -u HABDBSYNC -p "12345" -c /var/opt/VRTSsfmcs/conf -o /etc/vx/VRTSsfmcs/.odbc.ini -d SFMdb3 -v
Error: rc = -1 error= Cannot connect to database
Details = [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Parse error: Cannot find .ini file
Error: Failed to update password in db


# svcadm enable -s svc:/system/vxsfmcsdb:default
svcadm: Instance "svc:/system/vxsfmcsdb:default" has unsatisfied dependencies


Unknown dependency error using SFM service to start the VOM database during configuration.  Presumably some type of system security hardening.



file to modify: /opt/VRTSsfmcs/config/adm/
(database configuration script)



change these 2 lines:

execute_cmd_log_only("svcadm enable -s svc:/system/vxsfmcsdb:default  $DEV_NULL", "");

`echo "svcadm enable -s svc:/system/vxsfmcsdb:default" >> $upgradefile`;




execute_cmd_log_only("$DB_BIN_DIR/  $DEV_NULL", "");

`echo "$DB_BIN_DIR/" >> $upgradefile`;


NOTE: VOM database will be started during configuration using init db_start script rather than svcadm enable command

If the error still repeats, then check the logs and manually run will all attributes, which can be found from the log file.

Syntax will look similar to this 

# /opt/VRTSsfmcs/config/adm/ --config --force  --dbpath /var/opt/VRTSsfmcs/db --password ***** --serverport 5636 --hostname  --mh_version_short 5.0 --mh_version_long –debug

If there are no error, return back to webpage and re-configure the VOM server to complete the VOM server configuration. 


Applies To

Solaris 10

VOM 4.1 and VOM 5.0


The issue appears to be isolated to a behavior of Solaris Fault Manager (SFM) service and may occur outside this specific environment.

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