Dedup Disk Pool Volume " InternalDown ", Media server filesytem full, 100%.

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No backups or duplications will run to either of two PureDisk Disk Pools.
Both Disk Pools are configured with the same two NetBackup media servers.



Error Message

#  nbdevquery  -listdv  -stype  PureDisk  -U

Status              : DOWN
Flag                : ReadOnWrite
Flag                : AdminUp
Flag                : InternalDown

From  dps  log   (oid =220)

[Error] V-220-51 still waiting for configuration from REM..




The main root  ' / '  filesystem on one of the Media servers was 100% full.
/  contained    /opt   /tmp   /usr   /var   etc.




Stop NetBackup

Make space on root '/'   ( old log files were removed from /usr/openv/netbackup/logs )

Restart NetBackup

As soon as disk space was freed up, the Disk Pool Volumes returned to being listed as InternalUp
and duplication and backup jobs started writing and succeeding.



Applies To

NetBackup 6.5.6
Linux  Media servers.



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