Archives stuck in "Marked for Deletion" status with Event ID 7113

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When deleting Archives via the Vault Admin Console (VAC), the status of the archive  shows a red X indicating Marked for Deletion and will not clear.
There is also an Event ID 7113 in the event logs as shown below. 

Error Message

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category: Storage Delete
Event ID: 7113
Following archive could not be deleted as it contains items that are on hold, or their retention category does not allow deletions, or a compliance device retention period prevents them from being deleted. 
Archive Name = Test User
Archive Entry Id = 12465EEB6E4B5604480511122A26C92CC1110000vault
Total items on hold = 23124


The Retention Category settings are preventing deletions from the archives


To determine the settings of the Retention Category in the VAC

1. Expand Directory | Site name | Policies | Retention Categories
2. On the properties of the Retention Categories, there are several options.  When the option Retain Items Forever is enabled, it will prevent archive deletions. 

It is very important to note that changing this could cause unwanted data deletion under the following condition:

The Site setting is configured with the following two options:

  • Storage Expiry is enabled
  • Users can delete items from their archives

Temporarily disable those two options before modifying the Retention Category.  

Secondly, when the Retention Period is set to 999999, it will not allow the removal of the Retain Items Forever option.  Change this value to 999998. 

3.  Now that these changes have been made, follow the steps below

  1. Within SQL Management Studio run the following:

    USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
    SELECT *  FROM  Archive
    WHERE ArchiveStatus = 4

    This will generate a list of all of the Archives set for Deletion.
  2. Check the results and make sure that the ArchiveName column contains the Archive/s in question. Take note of the RootIdentity for each Archive.
  3. Within SQL run the following SQL query to change the status back to Available:

    USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
    UPDATE Archive
    SET ArchiveStatus = 1
    WHERE ArchiveStatus = 4 AND RootIdentity = 'RootIdentity taken from step2'
  4. Refresh the view in the VAC and make sure that the vault status for the archive/s have changed from Marked for Deletion to Available.
  5. Restart the Storage Service, delete the archive/s again and Dtrace the StorageDelete process.
  6. Refresh VAC and the archive should now be gone, although it may take a few minutes depending on the size of the archive.


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