Collecting Appliance 'DataCollect' logs to troubleshoot hardware and disk related issues.


The purpose of this technical article is to guide Symantec customers, Partners, System Engineers, and Technical Support Engineers to collect 'DataCollect' logs from the Appliances to troubleshoot disk and other hardware-related issues.

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NetBackup Appliances 5200, 5220 & 5230:

Collecting the 'DataCollect' output files from the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu:
 1. From the Main menu, go to the Support menu
2. Run 'DataCollect' command from the Support menu. For further instruction, refer to the 'Gathering device logs with the Datacollect command' in the Symantec NetBackup Appliance Administrator's Guide for your Appliance version.  For links to these manuals, click here.

PureDisk Appliances 5000, 5020, 5030:
Note: PureDisk Appliances with older version prior to 1.2 did not have script. So, if you are running Appliance version older than 1.2, copy the script from any other Appliances running a later version or get it from Symantec Technical Support.

For 5000, 5020 and 5030 appliance running and higher; SSH to the appliance as sysadmin and use the following procedure: 

nbappliance> support> log collect appliance
Collecting PureDisk logs ...
Copying log file to shared dir ...
Use "log list" to list all the collected logs
Use "log share open" to share the local directory for CIFS or NFS access> log list
total 1.7G
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1.7G Oct 24 08:13 DedupApp_appliance_2013-10-24_08H08M.tar.gz> log share open
Opening Samba share for logs ... OK
Opening NFS share for logs ... OK
Reloading Samba SMB daemon done
Reload kernel based NFS server done
Please access the shared directory as below:
For CIFS: (\\Appliance_IP_address\log)
For NFS: (Appliance_IP_address:/root/logs/)

Under Windows click on the "Connect using different credentials" tick box. When prompted for a username use the Hostname followed by a slash, followed by admin. Like below:

For 5000, 5020 appliances running 1.4.2 and lower.

If you are not logged into the Appliance, you can log in as root to go directly to the OS prompt from where you will be running the script to collect the logs. If you are already logged in as sysadmin and in NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu, switch to root user. Refer to TECH165512 if needed.

# cd /opt/pdappliance/scripts/autotest
# sh    

Logs collected by the above script will be saved as file /tmp/
The script will also collect the messages logs from the current date which are not compressed.
If you need messages logs from other dates, get them from the /var/log directory.
Technical Support will provide you with the FTP access information for uploading the logs.




Applies To

NetBackup Appliances, 5200, 5220, and 5230 models.

PureDisk Appliances, 5000, 5020, and 5030 models.

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