Basic Information on EMC Celerra.

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We can  backup information from EMC celerra using the NDMP option in netbackup.



The EMC network attached storage device you use must run at least DartOS 5.5.

A login account called 'ndmp' with md5 authentication enabled must be configured against the Data Mover on the EMC network attached storage device.

The 'ndmp' login account must be used to configure the NDMP device within Netbackup.
For the same use the host properties of the master server and use the credentials tab to enter the NDMP credentials. In order to backup data from EMC celerra using netbackup use a NDMP user account that is a user which should have first four characters as NDMP******


Only complete file systems (volumes) can be backed up; neither individual directories nor files can be selected for backup.

Cannot use the Netbackup feature for including or excluding files or directory for backup or restore operations.

Must have DAR/DDAR (Direct Access Restore / Directory DAR) enabled at time of restore in order to restore individual directories.

Restore operations will always overwrite data on DART (EMC Celerra) file systems.

A restore of an empty backup set, e.g. an incremental backup with no changes to the file system, fails.

DART does not support backup or restore of files with absolute path length greater than 1023 characters.

Redirected Restore is possible but only to another EMC Celerra Server (or the same server and different directory) but not to a Windows Machine or Unix Machine.

To list the ALL option of the EMC celerra connect using telnet or ssh to Control station IP Address.

# server_param server_2 -f NDMP -list

To enable snapsure
# server_param server_2 -f NDMP -m snapsure -v 1

To enable Md5
# server_param server_2 -f NDMP -m md5 -v 1
server_2 : done
Warning 17716815750: server_2 : You must reboot server_2 for md5 changes to take effect.

To create user called NDMP
# /nas/sbin/server_user server_2 –add –md5 –password ndmp

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