Manually enabling multiple Domino Mailboxes fails on each subsequent Mailbox

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While manually enabling multiple Domino Mailboxes for archiving, if the enable wizard encounters an error with enabling a Mailbox, attempting to continue processing the remaining Mailboxes will fail on each subsequent Mailbox.

Error Message

An error similar to the following will initially occur while enabling Mailboxes:

Error:  The operation is not authorized with the configured ID file.

 After clicking the 'OK' button the following prompt will occur:

Do you wish to continue to process any remaining mailboxes?

After choosing 'Yes' this second error will occur:

Error:  Application exception.

 If 'Yes' is continually selected after each additional error the second error 'Application exception' will occur for each Mailbox left in the list of Mailboxes to enable.

A DTrace of the 'AdminService' and 'mmc' will show the following error:

1171 16:33:26.564  [9044] (AdminService) <3276> EV-H {DOMINOMAILBOXHELPER.EN_US} Exception: Error(582) - Opening database 'DOM/EV8!!mail\tuser4' (You are not authorized to perform that operation) Info: Diag: Type:DominoLibraryExceptions.DominoLibraryUnableOpenDatabase ST:   at DomDatabase.OpenWithFailover()|   at KVS.EnterpriseVault.LotusDomino.Common.DominoMailboxHelper.COM_Enable(String MbxUserFullName, String VaultStoreEntryId, String reserved, String ArchiveIdOverride, UInt16 IndexingLevel, String BillingSID, String BillingDomain, Int32 IndexSnippetLength, Int32 EnableFacetedResults, Int32 IndexAttachmentSnippet) Inner:None
1172 16:33:26.564  [9044] (AdminService) <3276> EV-M {DOMSESSION.EN_US} Terminating session...
1173 16:33:26.564  [9044] (AdminService) <3276> EV-M {DOMSESSION.EN_US} Terminated okay
1174 16:33:26.564  [9044] (AdminService) <3276> EV:H EnableMailbox: COM exception [0x80131600]
1175 16:33:26.564  [9044] (AdminService) <3276> EV:M CDominoManagement::CheckDominoError - Received error [Error(582) - Opening database 'DOM/EV8!!mail\tuser4' (You are not authorized to perform that operation)]
1176 16:33:26.564  [9044] (AdminService) <3276> EV:H CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::GetInterface - HRXEX fn trace : Unexpected fn exit path, returning error 0x80131600, .\DominoManagement.cpp [lines {2649,2655,2662}], built Jul  5 21:03:41 2011.
1177 16:33:26.579  [6124] (mmc) <4984> EV:M CDominoManagementHelper::EnableDominoMailbox() Completed EnableMailbox()


Any issue that prevents one of the Mailboxes from being enabled will cause the issue.


  1. Choose 'No' to the question 'Do you wish to continue to process any remaining mailboxes?'
  2. Select 'Close', taking note of the first Mailbox that had the issue
  3. Open the 'Enable Mailboxes' wizard again and select Mailboxes to enable for archiving again, ensuring that the problem Mailbox is not selected

Note: Automatically enabling mailboxes for archiving works past the problem mailbox without issue.


Symantec Corporation has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue is present in the current version(s) of the product(s) mentioned at the end of this article. Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers.

There are currently no plans to address this issue by way of a hotfix or cumulative hotfix in the current or previous versions of the software at the present time. This issue may be resolved in a future major revision of the software at a later time. However, this particular issue is not currently scheduled for any release.  If you feel this issue has a direct business impact for you and your continued use of the product, please contact your Symantec Sales representative or the Symantec Sales group to discuss these concerns.  For information on how to contact Symantec Sales, please see

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