ERROR: Disk group %diskgroup name%: Some volumes in the disk group are in use" appears while deporting a disk group


When deporting a disk group, the following error comes up: "vxvm:vxdg: ERROR: Disk group : Some volumes in the disk group are in use"

Error Message

vxvm:vxdg: ERROR: Disk group : Some volumes in the disk group are in use


There will be occasions when an attempt to deport a disk group will fail. In this particular case, all file systems had been unmounted and all but one of the volumes stopped. An attempt to deport the disk group and stop the volume both failed with the above message. If the above message is seen, ensure that all file systems are unmounted. Ideally, volumes should be stopped too, although as long as no I/O is taking place, a disk group should still be able to deport. Ensure that relevant applications using the volume with the problem are stopped. This is done to help stop I/O to the volume and allow the disk group to deport.

To check whether VERITAS Volume Manager is still sending I/O to the volume, run the following command:

# vxprint -g <diskgroup> -m <volume> | grep devopen

Note: If the above command returns "devopen=on" then the volume is still in an active state in the kernel, although it is probably not showing up as mounted when  the df -k command is run.

The only way to resolve this contention is to reboot the system. To find root cause, force panic server and collect crash dump for analysis

e.g. for Solaris platform, reboot system as follows to collect system dump

#reboot -d



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