Configuring Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO)

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Configuring Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO)



What is DLO?

DLO is an intelligent file copying utility and an add-on application to Backup Exec which allows you to backup file data from client workstations to a shared folder. This product is intended to provide file-level protection for desktop user data and is not intended to provide a full system backup. This cannot be used as a Disaster Recovery for a System.

DLO will not work on servers and must be installed into an Active Directory environment

Terminologies used in DLO:

Storage Location:
It's the physical location where the backed up data will be stored using DLO. It can be NUDF and/or LUDF.

Network User Data Folder (NUDF):
This is the location where the backup data is stored. It can be on all Media Server platforms or on SAN, NAS or Locally attached Storage.

Desktop or Local User Data Folder (LUDF):
This is the storage location on the client machines (Workstation). It is used to perfrom offline backup/restore using the DLO Agent.

DLO Administration Console:
The DLO Administration Console is part of Backup Exec (BE) and runs on the Backup Exec media server. The DLO Administration Console runs in a separate window that you access from Backup Exec or directly from X:\Program Files\veritas\Backup Exec\DLO\DLOConsoleu.exe

All the Management, Configuration (Create Profiles, Create Network User Data Folder, Create Automated User Assignments, Add Users Manually, View History, logfiles, alerts), Backup, Restore tasks are done through DLO Administration Console.

DLO Agent:
This component gets installed on the client machine which needs to be backed up. Along with this it installs the Veritas Backup Exec DLO Change Journal Service which is responsible for keeping a track of all the changes that are happening on the files and report DLO Agent to perform the backups
The Desktop Agent is used for client operating systems like windows XP, windows 2000 Professional, Vista (only 11d 7170 and higher) and Windows 7.

DLO Database:
BE_DLO is the DLO database which holds all the information related to user, storage location, computers etc., for DLO

DLO Maintenance Service:
This service is responsible for handling data intensive operations from server, like grooming of file versions. This service needs to be installed on all the server hosting the Network user Data Folder (NUDF) it is present on DLO Server by default

This is use to define the backup selections, granting previleges, Limiting Network/Local bandwidth, scheduling, revision controls, customizing backups etc., for DLO

Installing DLO:

DLO can be installed at the time of installing the BE or it can be installed later. At the time of BE Installation DLO License needs to be provided which would enable the DLO. If the License is not available DLO with 5 User Free option can be selected to use DLO for 5 users.

For the first time when DLO is launched from BE console |Tools | Desktop and Laptop Opton will ask for the Recovery Password. This needs to remembered as DLO backups are all encrypted backups and if the BE_DLO database is lost due to some sort of crash, data can be recovered using the Recovery Password with Emergency Restore.

Configuring DLO:
To configure DLO for the first time follow this sequence.

  1.   Create Storage Location
  2.   Create Profile
  3.   Create Automated User Assignment (AUA) (Optional)
  4.   Add Users Manually (Optional)

For adding User or creating AUA Storage Location and Profile needs to be specified, hence Storage Location and Profile needs to be created first.


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