Best practices for changing the root password on a NBU 5020 PureDisk Appliance

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I changed the root password for the Appliance.  After doing this all of my backups failed.  I changed it back and they are working again.

Error Message

If the root password on the PureDisk Appliance is changed, the password for the storage_server for the PureDisk Appliance configured on the NetBackup side needs to be changed as well.


NetBackup was configured to connect to the Appliance using the initial settings/configuration.  NetBackup would not know that there has been a change to it's configuration and will continue to use the initial settings/configuration unless updated.


Here are the steps to change the root password on a NBU5000/5020 Appliance.  Follow ALL of the steps and take NOTE about the section:  Notes on other password change:


Passwords Managing For Deduplication Appliance
The deduplication appliance has five user accounts. During the initial configuration, Symantec recommends that you change the password for the administrative root user from the default of to a strong password of your own choosing. The following list explains the passwords in use on the deduplication appliance:
1.     The sysadmin account.
The sysadmin account is the operating system account through which you can access the appliance command-line interface.
To change this password, complete the following steps:
·          Log into the storage pool authority node as sysadmin via a secure shell (SSH) connection.
·          Type the existing password when prompted.
·          Press any key to display the help and the root mode menu.
·          Select admin on the root menu.
·          Select password.
·          Follow the prompts to change the password.
2.     The operating system root user account.
This is the individual appliance's operating system's root user account.
To change this password, complete the following steps:
·          Log into an appliance as root.
·          Use the passwd(1) command to change the root password.
3.     The Web-based configuration wizard installation password (http://appliance_ip_or_hostname /Installer)
This password is used only when you start the installer to access the Network Configuration Wizard or the Storage Pool Configuration Wizard.
To change this password, complete the following steps:
·          Type the following URL into a browser:
For appliance_ip_or_hostname, specify the fully qualified domain name or ip address of the appliance storage pool authority node.
·          On the welcome page, click Changeconfigurationwizardpassword, which appears as a the link at the right.
·          To change the password, follow the prompts on the window that appears.
4.     The administrative Web UI root account (https://appliance_ip_or_hostname).
The storage pool authority's administrative Web UI has a root user account. The root user can access the storage pool authority services and can also configure the storage pool on the NetBackup master server. (note: if user have already changed the password during the last step of diskpool configuration through the Web UI Installation GUI, please use the new password to login instead of the default password).
To change this password, complete the following steps:
·          Type the following URL into a browser:
For appliance_ip_or_hostname, specify the fully qualified domain name of the storage pool authority node.
·          Click Settings > Configuration > User Management > Users > root.
·          In the right pane, click Change Password button on the top.
5.     The root account on a remote storage pool.
You can create a central storage pool that collects report information from other, remote storage pools. If you change the root password on one of the remote (managed) storage pools, also change the password of the remote storage pool on the central storage pool's Settings page. Note: this only applies when the local appliance storage pool authority node is used to report on other storage pools.
To change this password, complete the following steps:
·          Type the following URL into a browser:
For central_spa_fqdn, specify the fully qualified domain name of the central storage pool authority node.
·          Click Settings > Central SPA > World > Storage Pool Management > PureDisk Appliance.
·          In the right pane, update the Password field.
 Notes on other password change:
-       Storage_Server password change:
If user decided to change the root SPA password from Puredisk appliance after the storage_server is setup on the NBU master side.  They need to update the storage_server credentials by using the following tpconfig:
·          /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpconfig –update –storage_server sshostname –stype PureDisk –sts_user_id UserID –password PassWord
-       Add in a new CR when SPA default password has been changed:
·          Login Web Installer UI -> use “Topology discovery” to add a new node, user will be prompt to enter the FQDN and “root password”. If User changed the SPA root password already to none default password, this part will take the new node(CR)’s root password instead of the SPA’s root password.
Default password:
-       V1.3.0.1 default password (sysadmin and root) : P@ssw0rd (The sixth character is the numeral zero.)
-       V1.2 default password for root) : root
-       V1.2 default password for sysadmin: sysadmin

Applies To

Any NetBackup environment where you have an PureDisk Appliance attached.

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