Enterprise Vault for Domino "How to re-run the EVInstall.nsf from the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway"

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It is needed to re-run the EVInstall.nsf on the Enterprise Vault Domin Gateway to create newer Mail Templates and modify the Forms Files properly

This is typically the case when either Domino Server (Mail Server or EVDG) or Lotus Notes on the EVDG where upgraded to new supported release.


Run EVInstall.nsf to re-create EV mail templates and modify Forms files (such as forms85.nsf)

Preparation :

* Type the command 'dbcache flush' on the Domino server console on Mail Server and EVDG (this will allow the following actions)
* Replace the Forms85.nsf (or older version of forms such as forms8.nsf etc)  file with the original IBM of the installed version (ensure that the signing ID has Manager Access in the Access Control List of the specified forms*.nsf file)
* Delete the Forms85_x.nsf

1. Sign EVInstall.nsf with the signing user ID
2. Open Lotus Notes or Domino Admin from the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway with the user ID that will run the application.
3. Open the Veritas Enterprise Vault - Domino Installer application (Lotus\Domino\Data\EVInstall.nsf).
4. In the Installation page, select the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway and the Domino Mail Server
5. Select if Modify Domino Web Access Forms Files (if required)
6. Click the button to Install Veritas Enterprise Vault database design templates to start the process. The application will take several minutes to create the new Enterprise Vault templates and modify forms files
7. When the update is complete, double-click each log line in the lower pane of the window and check that there were no errors reported
8. In case the forms files were modified run the following command on both Domino Server (Mail Server and EVDG): 'tell http restart'


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