Enterprise Vault reports databases have not backed up though EV Agent backups are completing

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The Critical Monitor within the Vault Admin Console (VAC) reports that the databases have not been backed up for X number of days despite the daily incremental EV Agent backups are completing successfully.


Backups of the Enterprise Vault (EV) databases using the NetBackup EV Agent work as follows:

Full backups - a snapshot of the database is made and the database is then backed up.  This backup does NOT backup or truncate the transaction logs for the database.

Diff-Incremental backups - the transaction logs for the database is backed up and truncated.  This backup does NOT backup the database itself.

This is expected behavior and the product is working as designed.
The message being reported by Enterprise Vault is correct.  The database itself has not been backed up since the last full backup.
It is important to understand that this is only an "alert" by Enterprise Vault and does not necessarily constitute an error or a failure.


If full backups are only once a week for the EV databases (recommended) and no longer wish to see the "alert" messages, you can change the threshold within the Vault Admin Console (VAC) by doing the following:

1)  Right-click on the EV Site name and select Properties.
2)  Click the Monitoring tab.
3)  In the Alert column, locate the following items and change the number in the Threshold column to 7 (days):

Vault Store database backup
Directory database backup
Vault Store fingerprint database backup


Applies To

Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4 or higher.
NetBackup 7.0 or higher.
Full and Incremental backups are scheduled using the NetBackup EV Agent.

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