How to configure the Celerra File Server for VERBOSE NDMP Logging

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 Advanced NDMP BackUp troubleshooting



Enabling & Disabling Verbose Logging Levels:

Using the Linux contol station for CLI  

TURNING NDMP LOGGING ON:  $.server_config  server_x  "logsys set  severity  NDMP=LOG_DBG2"
                                                       $.server_config  server_x  "logsys set  severity  PAX=LOG_DBG2"
TURNING NDMP LOGGING OFF:  $.server_config  server_x  "logsys  set severity  NDMP=LOG_ERR"
                                                    $.server_config  server_x  "logsys set severity   PAX=LOG_ERR"

Usie the server_log command to redirect the server_log to a file using server_log server_2 -a -s > server_2.log


Applies To

Product: Celerra File Server (CFS)
EMC SW: NAS Code 2.2 and above

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