Failed to communicate with resource requester(811)

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Backups targeted to a Storage Unit on remote windows 2008 NetBackup Media server fails with error message:

Failed to communicate with resource requester(811)

However backups to Storage Unit on NetBackup Master server is successful



Error Message

Status Code: 811

Activity Monitor Job Details:

Failed to communicate with resource requester(811)

BPBRM Logs on Media server:

bpbrm Exit: client backup EXIT STATUS 150: termination requested by administrator

BPTM logs on Media server:

15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <2> RequestInitialResources: returning
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <4> nbjm_media_request: Error from RequestMultipleResources, Master bs-it001-001, error 150, resourceAllocated 0
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <4> nbjm_media_request: Shutdown requested
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <2> send_MDS_msg: MEDIA_DONE 0 -1295179890 0 *NULL* 0 0
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <2> JobInst::sendIrmMsg: starting
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <2> packageBptmResourceDoneMsg: msg (MEDIA_DONE 0 -1295179890 0 *NULL* 0 0 )
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <2> packageBptmResourceDoneMsg: returns 7
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <2> JobInst::sendIrmMsg: returning
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <2> send_MDS_msg: Error from sendIrmMsg, Master bs-it001-001, type 11, returned error -1
15:15:13.989 [17744.33700] <2> mm_terminate: EXITING with status 150



There is a PBX communication issue between Netbackup media and master servers.


Status 811 occurs when there is a pbx communication issue between master and media servers.

Verify if the telnet to 1556 works between Master and Media server and vice versa

If 13724 and 13782 ports are opened on master and media the backup starts however when bptm on media server tries to communicates to nbjm on master server it uses PBX connection hence it uses port 1556.

If 1556 port is blocked on the media server the above connection will not work and the backup job will fail with Exit status 811

On windows 2008 make sure you have opened port 1556 outbound and incoming on the firewall.

If this port is blocked on the media server then the backups will fail with 811

Applies To

Windows 2003 NetBackup Master server

Windows 2008 NetBackup Media servers

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