Access is denied error message occurs when expanding a User-defined Selection NAS resource within a backup job.

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It is possible to backup the shares on a NAS device by adding the IP Address of the NAS to the User-defined Selections in Backup Exec.  However, expanding this User-defined Selection can result in an error indicating that "Access is denied"  even though the correct user name and password was provided.   

Error Message

Failed to log on to:  <server name or IP  address>

Logon account:  System Logon Account

Access is denied. 


 This error will occur if NDMP is active on the NAS, but the NAS is not being backed up using the Backup Exec NDMP Option.




Change the NDMP port of the Backup Exec media server from the default port 10000 to a different, unused port and attempt to expand the User-defined Selection list again.

WARNING: When changing the port for NDMP, the changes must take place on every server in the environment that needs to be protected by Backup Exec. Failing to do so will result in servers not being selectable inside Backup Exec or not able to be backed up at all. Please review the articles in the related documents sections for more details..

NOTE: Symantec Backup Exec Support can assist in protecting resources on NAS devices listed in the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) using the Backup Exec NDMP option. Only reasonable effort support can be provided in backing up NAS devices when not using the NDMP option. To see a list of supported NAS devices please visit the appropriate Backup Exec version HCL link listed below:  

Backup Exec 2010 -
Backup Exec 2012 -

To change the NDMP port on the media server:

1.  Open a Command window by going to Start > Run

     Type CMD and press ENTER

2.  At the command prompt type the following command and then press ENTER:

     NETSTAT -ano

This will give a list of all ports that are in use on the system.  The ports are listed in the format of IP Address:Port.

Example: would indicate that a process is listening on port 10000.

The NDMP port for Backup Exec can be changed to any valid TCP/IP port number not in use by another application (i.e. Apps in this "Local Address" column in the list for example).  Ports commonly not in use are 9000, 11000, and 12000.

3.  Edit the SERVICES file located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ using a text editor like Notepad

4. Add an entry that reads like the following example (12000 is just an example port; pick any available port that did not show as in use in the NETSTAT results):

  ndmp  12000/tcp

At the end of the line press ENTER so that the cursor goes down to the next blank line.  If the ENTER key is not pressed at the end of the  NDMP line, the change will not take effect. 

5. After making the change, save the file and restart the Backup Exec services.

6. Attempt to open the Backup job properties and expand the User-defined Selection for the NAS resource.

NOTE:  In Backup Exec 12.5 and above a Remote Agent for Windows License is required to backup a remote server that doesn't have the  Backup Exec remote agent software physically installed.



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