The backup of Enterprise Vault data runs with slow performance

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Backing up Enterprise Vault data, particularly Vault Store Partitions is slower than other backups.


Enterprise Vault (EV) stores archived data as many small files. The backup of multiple small files is slower than a backup of a single larger file of the same byte count.




Within Enterprise Vault, there is a setting for vault store partitions called Collections.  This setting combines the small .DVS files normally created during archiving into larger .CAB files. Enabling this setting allows Backup Exec to process the data more efficiently which improves backup performance.

Enable vault store partition Collections in Enterprise Vault. Consult Enterprise Vault documentation for more information.

Note:  With collections enabled within Enterprise Vault, EV users can notice reduced responsiveness when retrieving vaulted items since these items must first be extracted from the .CAB files instead of being directly accessed.




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