Step by step guide to running the Device Configuration Wizard

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Step by step guide to running the Device Configuration Wizard


This Article gives a step by step guide to running the NetBackup Device Configuration Wizard (GUI). This consists of a number of steps which are shown below.

Step 1:

On the NetBackup Administration Console GUI, go to  Master Server > Configure Storage Devices

See figure 1 and Figure 2.

Figure 1.  Starting the Device Configuration Wizard


Figure 2. The Device Configuration Wizard


Step 2:  Click Next

Step 3:  Select the server(s) you wish to configure the device on.  If the robot control host is on a separate server then you must select this also, otherwise the drives will be configured in AVR mode.

In this example, womble is the server we wish to configure the devices on and the robot control host.  Once this is complete, click Next

See figure 3.

Figure 3.  Specifying the hosts to configure devices on


Step 4:  

Wait while NetBackup scans the server(s) for devices.  Once this is complete click Next

See figure 4.

Figure 4. Scanning hosts


Step 5:  Click Next

See figure 5.

Figure 5. SAN Clients


Step 6: Confirm NetBackup has found all the expected devices.  Click Next

See figure 6.

Figure 6. Review the devices NetBackup has found


Step 7:

Occasionally, drives that should appear in the robot can be marked as stand alone.    If necessary, drag-and-drop any drives that are standalone into the robot.  Once completed, click Next.

See figure 7.

Figure 7. Verifying that the discovered drive configuration is correct


Step 8:  Confirm configuration changes by clicking Next.  Please note that this will restart Media Manager processes on the server(s) so should not be done if the media server is running backups.

See figure 8 and Figure 9.

Figure 8. Confirming configuration changes and restarting the Media Manager processes.


Figure 9.


Step 10:  Click Finish to exit the wizard.




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