How to backup a remote server from different domain without domain-wide trust relationship with Media server.

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How to backup a remote server from different domain without domain-wide trust relationship with Media server.



The Windows machine from a different domain can be backed up, provided they are in same network (subnet and IP range)  and Remote Agent for Windows installed on the remote machine with publishing enabled.  A domain admin account of the other domain needs to be added to Backup Exec and use it for backup of particular remote machine.
1. Install the "Remote Agent for Windows Servers" to the Remote machine, needed to be backed up. 
Refer to:
Push Install
Manual Install
2. Enable the publishing on Remote Agent for Windows Servers:
3. If Firewall is present between the Backup Exec Server and the Remote Server, then the following PORTS needs to be opened on the FIREWALL:

49152 onwards (Example-Dynamic Ports, like: 50000 to 50025)
6101 (by default)

 Note: A DYNAMIC PORT is a Port which is not permanently bound to any connection (once the backup is complete, the port is released).
Note: It is recommended to keep a range of ports opened instead of just one because a dynamic port can be engaged by any other application and cause can cause data connection issues. Therefore keep at least 25 ports opened for the remote system.
Enable Remote Agent TCP dynamic port range: Example: 5000 - 5025.
If a port range is not specified, Backup Exec attempts to use the full range of dynamic ports available the backups or restores may fail in Firewall/TCP Filtered Domain Environment because of it.
For more details on using backup with firewall, refer :

4. Add a new logon account {eg: Remote-Domain-Name\Administrator} {*Note: Do not make it Default}.
5. Go to any existing selection list or to a new selection list and expand the "Windows System" under the "Favorite Resources". Now It should be able to see and  allow to select the Remote Server and run the backup.


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