Configuring Collections and Migration

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Where vault store partitions are held on non-WORM devices other than EMC Centera, you can configure and schedule the collection and migration of the files that are stored in the partition.
Collection involves collecting multiple small files into much larger collection files (.cab files). Collection may give you a significant improvement in backup times. Collection is not recommended on devices that perform deduplication, as it causes loss of deduplication.
Migration involves moving the collection files onto longer term storage devices. For example, you may want to migrate older collections to cheaper, slower storage. If you choose to use collection files you can configure the collection criteria, and optionally provide details of how and when to migrate the collection files to secondary storage. See the Administration Console help for details on setting these options.
Note: When you use collections, an unreferenced item may remain in a .cab file for some time before it is deleted. Enterprise Vault compacts a .cab file and deletes the unreferenced items when the ratio of unreferenced items reaches a fixed level. Other storage devices have been integrated with Enterprise Vault to enable the migration of data files.
Supported devices are listed in the Enterprise Vault Compatibility Charts.
For instructions on how to configure migration to the supported storage devices, see the migration articles on the Symantec support knowledge base.
Collections on EMC Centera devices
Collections are handled differently on EMC Centera devices, as follows:
  • Centera collection clips are used instead of CAB files.
  • Savesets are collected as soon as they are archived, not according to a schedule.
  • A collection clip and the savesets that it contains are not deleted until there are no references to any of the savesets in the clip. To ensure optimal archiving performance when vault store partitions on Centera
  • devices are enabled for collection, an additional index, IX_Collection_Saveset_Partition, can be created for the Saveset table in the associated vault store database. If the index does not exist, Enterprise Vault creates it automatically when the Storage service starts provided the following conditions are satisfied:

    a. At least one Centera vault store partition is open and enabled for collection.

    b. The number of records in the Saveset table is less than, or equal to 1,000,000. The space required for this index on the SQL Server hosting the relevant vault store database is approximately 27 bytes per row in the Saveset table.
To enable collections do the following:
  1. Highlight your Vault store in the VAC.
  2. Right click on the vault store partition that you want to enable and select Properties. The following window will appear.

  3. Check the box for Collections and configure the options you desire.

  4. This popup window will warn you that this is a irreversible change.

  5. To configure Migration select the migration tab and configure the options you desire for migrating the .cab files to slower storage.

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