How to reset the 64-bit Indexing Engine following corruption of core data files.

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In extremely rare circumstances, some data-files central to the 64-bit Indexing Engine can become corrupted, resulting in the engine becoming prone to crashes/failures.

This can be rectified by re-installing the indexing engine using the Indexing Redistributable supplied with the Enterprise Vault Install Media.

  1. Stop the Enterprise Vault Indexing Service on the affected Enterprise Vault Server.
  2. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service on the affected Enterprise Vault Server.
  3. Launch IIS Manager and delete the EVIndexing virtual Directory.
    1. Delete by navigating down to the EVIndexing directory on the left pane window Server-->Sites-->Default Web Site -->EVIndexing
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  4. Following the deletion of the Indexing virtual directory, delete the EVIndexingPool application pool.
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NOTE: Do not delete any other virtual directories or application pools as doing so will damage the Enterprise Vault installation.
  1. Using windows explorer, navigate to the Enterprise Vault installation Directory and delete the EVIndexing subdirectory

    NOTE: If Enterprise Vault is clustered the IndexMetaData folder (which is usually found under the EVIndexing subdirectory) may be held in a different location and will need to be deleted separately in addition to deleting the EVIndexing folder in Step 5. To locate this folder, run the below SQL query:

    USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
    SELECT CE.ComputerName, ISE.MetaDataLocation
    FROM ComputerEntry CE, IndexingServiceEntry ISE
    WHERE CE.ComputerEntryID = ISE.ComputerEntryID
  2. Reinstall the Indexing Engine, using the Enterprise Vault Indexing Redistributable.msi from the Enterprise Vault installation media.

    If any indexing hotfix has been applied to the affected Indexing Server, this must be uninstalled before re-installing the Indexing Redistributable. This is done by completing the following steps:

    a. Locate the installation msi used to install the hotfix
    b. Right-click on the msi and select uninstall
    c. The hotfix will be removed and the Indexing Redistributable can now be run
    d. Following the re-installation of the Indexing Server, please ensure to reapply any hotfixes that were previously removed.

    If you have installed Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 CHF3 and any other cumulative hotfix after 11.0.1. CH3 you cannot uninstall the cumulative hotfix from the Enterprise Vault server, you must reinstall the cumulative hotfix after you reset the 64-bit Indexing Engine.
  1. Restart the Enterprise Vault Indexing Service

    It may take a while for the Indexing service to become fully operational following the reinstallation of the Indexing Engine, as a full Synchronization between Enterprise Vault and the Indexing Engine will be automatically triggered. The commencement and completion of this process will be marked by the following entries in the Enterprise Vault Event Log:

    Event ID: 41372
    Indexing Service has started the synchronization of index volume metadata between the indexing engine repository and the Directory database.

    Event ID: 41377
    Indexing Service has completed the synchronization of index volume metadata between the indexing engine repository and the Directory database.
    Total index volume(s) whose metadata was created: x
    Total index volume(s) whose location was updated: y

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