What do the various missing content id's reported in Verify reports mean?

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The Index volume Tab is located under the properties of an Archive; this tab shows the index volumes information for 32-bit and 64-bit volumes, selecting the details button will bring up the Index volume browser for the archive. Here, errors may be reported where one or more items in an index volume/s could not be indexed.

To troubleshoot issues with missing items, it is required to run verify from the Manage Indexes Tools UI. 

Part of the Verify process of an index volume is to:

  • Check for missing docs (Iterates through the index looking for "holes" in the index to find missing docs, then compares this list against EV to see if the docs are really missing.
  • Updates the FailedItemsCount if it finds any in the Index Volume and also updates the ItemAdditionStatusLog table for 64-bit index volumes or the missingitems.log file for 32-bit (AV) index volumes
  • For 64-bit volumes, checks for extra documents in the index. This could be due to an item being expired/deleted from the archive but the item remaining in the index (Restored index data may be out of synch)
    • Updates a new ExtraItems count field in the Index Volume with the number of extra documents
    • Adds it to a the ItemDeletionStatusLog table in the vault store database that can be used by the synchronize tool
    • Searching for extra documents is not supported for 32 bit volumes

General troubleshooting information

The Error Number entry in the ItemAdditionstatusLog contains the reason why an item is missing from the 64-bit index volumes. The RawError entry is a string, which gives details of the error. To view all the Error Numbers for missing items from SQL:

SELECT AV.ArchiveName, ItemAdditionStatusLog.ErrorNumber as ErrorNumber
FROM EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.ArchiveView AV Join
EVVSVS1_1.dbo.ArchivePoint on VaultEntryId = ArchivePointId
inner join EVVSVS1_1.dbo.ItemAdditionStatusLog on ArchivePoint.ArchivePointIdentity = ItemAdditionStatusLog.ArchivePointIdentity
WHERE ErrorNumber >= 100

ErrorNumber codes:

100 - Error encountered whilst trying to fetch item

101 – Item is corrupt

102 – Item rejected by the indexing agent
       SynchronousIndexingEngineError: EV attempted to submit the item to the indexing engine but couldn’t.
       The specific details (such as the error returned from the indexing engine) will be in the ItemAdditionStatusLog.RawError field.

103 – Item rejected by the indexing agent.
       AsynchronousIndexingEngineError: EV successfully submitted the item to the indexing engine, which asynchronously processed the item and failed to index it.
       Again, details of the error will be in ItemAdditionStatusLog.RawError.

105 – Item identified as missing by verify subtask
       This is used when the verify tool deems it necessary to create a new failed itemAdditionStatusLog, ItemDeletionStatusLog and the tool cannot determine the reason for the error.

106 – ItemPendingTooLong
       If the 64bit indexing engine doesn’t acknowledge an item for more than an hour, the item would be deemed missing and marked as failed in ItemAdditionStatusLog with an error number of 106.

Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.



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