Post-upgrade checklist for NetBackup Appliance 5.3

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Last Published: 2023-11-27
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After the upgrade to 5.3 is completed successfully, perform the following tasks, as required for your environment:

1. Appliances with NetBackup CLI users

-- For upgrades to versions 4.1 and later, any existing NetBackup CLI users no longer have any NetBackup RBAC privileges, by default.
-- This also applies to any new NetBackup CLI users that are added after the upgrade. If any of these users require access to the NetBackup Web UI or REST APIs, you must manually grant them the appropriate NetBackup RBAC roles.

For complete details, see the NetBackup Web UI Administrator's Guide.

2. Appliance license

-- Starting with version 5.1.1, 5250 and 5350 appliances require appliance license compliance. To obtain a valid appliance license, log in to Veritas Entitlement Management System with your entitlement credentials and retrieve the appropriate license. If you need to use a hashed host ID for license generation, contact Veritas support with reference article100060783.
-- After the upgrade has been completed, add the license to the appliance with the following command:' Manage > License > Appliance > Add '. Or via NetBackup appliance web console to add the license.

For more details about Veritas Entitlement Management System check the link below:

NOTE : This license is different to the legacy NB license which we see using #bpminlicense and will be in binary format.

3. Re-import device certificates

-- If you exported device certificates before the upgrade, you must re-import them after the upgrade.
-- After completing the upgrade, place the backed-up certificate files from the non-appliance location to an appliance share such as /inst/patch/incoming. Import the files from the share as follows:
    •    Log in to the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu and navigate to the following view:
         Network > Security > Import
    •    Enter the following import option details:
         Import [EnterPasswd] [PathValue]
         Where [EnterPasswd] is the field used to answer the question, "Do you want to enter a password?".       
         You must enter yes or no. and [PathValue] is the location where you want to place the imported certificates.

4. SDCS mode

-- If the Symantec Data Center Security (SDCS) feature was set to the unmanaged mode after the upgrade, make sure to change it to the managed mode, and then apply the latest IDS and IPS policies.

-- Check the Symantec Data Center Security(SDCS) mode with command
  # Monitor > SDCS > ServerInfo Show .

-- If the above output shows "Current Management Server = " that means the appliance is in "unmanaged mode"  

For complete details, refer to one of the following documents:
NetBackup Appliance Administrator's Guide
NetBackup Appliance Security Guide

5. SDCS console and server

-- For appliances that do not currently have an SDCS environment configured, you must obtain the compatible console and server binaries from the Veritas Download Center before you can set it up.

-- For appliances with an existing SDCS environment and console set-up, you are only required to update the policy files and make sure that the SDCS agent points to the correct SDCS server. You do not need to obtain the binaries.

For complete details, refer to one of the following documents:
NetBackup Appliance Administrator's Guide
NetBackup Appliance Security Guide

6. Running the latest version of your SSH client

-- Make sure you are running the latest version of your SSH client. Upgrading to version 3.2 or later versions changes the key-exchange algorithms used for connecting to the appliance. Make sure that your SSH client supports the following key-exchange algorithms:


-- If your SSH client does not support any of the above algorithms after the upgrade has completed, the following error appears:


7. Update appliance to the latest firmware version

    --  It is strongly recommended that you update your appliances to the latest firmware version. For details, refer to the following:



If you are planning to upgrade the NetBackup Appliance to 5.3, you must follow the below pre-upgrade checklist :
Pre-upgrade checklist for NetBackup Appliance 5.3 (

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