Downloading License File for Veritas NetBackup.

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Last Published: 2023-10-24
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To download the License file for Veritas NetBackup, follow below steps:

  1. Log into your Veritas Support account ( with username and password.

  2. Click Licensing. It takes you to the Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS).

  3. Click Entitlements on the VEMS main menu.

  4. Search the Entitlements page for the entitlement that you want to use to generate a license key.

  5. Once you have located the entitlement, click the associated Generate License option.

  6. Use the Select Version filter to view the list of license key options for the version of the product that you want to deploy.

  7. Click on the license key option in the table, specify the required information, and click Generate.

  8. Click Download File to save the new license to your computer.

Note: Refer to the VEMS User Guide for more information.


Using in-built evaluation or temporary production license for Veritas NetBackup

The NetBackup evaluation license enables the entire feature set and is valid for 60 days only. NetBackup will stop working once the evaluation period has expired.

In case you are in the middle of your upgrade window and currently don’t have access to the internet, you can use in-built temporary production license. The NetBackup temporary production license enables entire feature set and is valid for 60 days only. NetBackup will not stop working once license period has expired. Usage reporting is done with an existing customer registration key.

All the configuration information and catalog data from your in-built licensed NetBackup version is retained. You can download production licenses from VEMS as per steps given above and add that license to NetBackup via NetBackup Web UI or directly use NetBackup Web UI to get licenses using VEMS.

In case, you want to use in-built licenses in NetBackup, follow below steps:

  1. On Unix, you can use in-built evaluation license by answering n to the question Are the license files downloaded from the Veritas licensing portal? and then answering y to the question Do you want to use a NetBackup evaluation or temporary production license. if you answer n, then the installer cannot proceed further without a license and will exit gracefully.

  2. On Windows, in NetBackup License and Server Type page, select primary and click Next, you will be prompted to confirm to use evaluation license for fresh installation and to use temporary production license for upgrades.

  3. For silent installs, use LICENSE=EVALUATION in the answer file for fresh installation and use LICENSE=TEMP_PRODUCTION for upgrades.


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