Enterprise Vault 14.x archiving support in Domino Server and Notes/iNotes Client

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Last Published: 2023-03-02
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The following is a known issue and its workaround related to Domino archiving in Enterprise Vault 14.x::

Issue Workaround
In Enterprise Vault Search, mailbox users might not be able to copy archived emails from the Archive to Mailbox by using the COPY TO operation.

Error messages are not displayed on the client UI, rather an error event (ID 41521) is generated on the Veritas Enterprise Vault server.
Download the archived item from Enterprise Vault Search.
In Enterprise Vault Search, failure exporting the Domino items into NSF file.  

Veritas acknowledges the above-mentioned issues and is currently working on a solution. The issues will be resolved in a future Enterprise Vault release.


JIRA : EV-3045

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