Configuring Enterprise Vault for Coremail

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Last Published: 2021-08-04
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Coremail, owned by Guangdong Yingshi Computer Technology Co. Ltd., specializes in e-mail technology and services. Coremail products cover mail systems, corporate mailbox (formerly Shangyi mailbox), mail induction system, mail delivery system, and overseas cloud image acceleration. The Coremail Mail System is the first Chinese version of the mail system used by operators, such as Netease. It is widely used by government agencies, universities, financial institutions, and large enterprises (including state-owned enterprises).

For more information on the Coremail solution, please see:

Perform the following steps to set up a Journal rule in Coremail:

  1. Set up the Journal rule on the Coremail server.
    1. Login as the user coremail.
    2. Create the config file.
    3. Open the # vi /home/coremail/conf/ file. It should include the following details:



      # emailto is the SMTP target that send to EV for SMTP journaling, domain name can not same as the coremail domain

      # in this configuration, I use evcm.local as the coremail system domain name, and use coremailjournal.local as EV SMTP target domain name




  2. Set up the send connecter.
    Add the following two lines at the end of the # vi /home/coremail/conf/ config file for the send connecter, such as Exchange. Coremail does not support load balance, such as Exchange smart host.
    It delivers emails to a specific host only. Use a hardware load balancer, such as F5, if you need.


    evcmjournal.local="remote:[<IP of EV server>]:25"

    Here, evcmjournal.local is the domain the email use as the SMTP target. And <IP of EV server> is the Enterprise Vault server that has the SMTP service configured.
  3. Restart deliveragent.

    # /home/coremail/bin/coremail start deliveragent

    CoreMail Version BES2.0.1_XT5_RC2(Build Linux-201216[50176.50793.55583]-c0663e2-0e971f0-bc18878) Copyright (c) 2000-2020 Mailtech Limited

    (2021-04-28 18:23:16)(26463) Application will be expired in 2 day(s).

    (2021-04-28 18:23:16)(26463) Server deliveragent is still running!

On the Enterprise Vault server, add journal@evcmjournal.local as an SMTP target. For more information, refer to



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