System Recovery Critical Update

Article: 100049191
Last Published: 2020-12-23
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Product(s): System Recovery




Security research has disclosed that there is a vulnerability that would allow a low privileged user on a Windows system to load malicious OpenSSL code.

Action Required

Please refer to the Master Advisory for more details on the security advisory and recommended action.
For further information see System Recovery Security Advisory

Affected Versions:

System Recovery versions 21.x and 18.x. Earlier versions that are no longer supported may be affected as well.


If you are on System Recovery 21.x:

Install System Recovery 21.2

If you are on System Recovery 18.x

Upgrade to System Recovery 21.2

System Recovery 21.2 will be available in Veritas Update for automated download and installation.

If you are on System Recovery version 16.x or older, Veritas recommends that you upgrade to System Recovery 21.2.

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