Browse feature no longer works without a UNC path.

Browse feature no longer works without a UNC path.

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Last Published: 2020-07-06
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Product(s): eDiscovery Platform


The local drives are no longer listed when selecting the Browse button to choose a data source.


Error Message

<< Without entering in an account on the general settings page for the 'Windows authentication for Clearwell appliance' >>


<< UNC Path Required >>



This is by design starting with version 9.5.  SMB1 is known to be insecure and as of version 9.5, the eDP product only supports SMB2 for directory inquiries.  With the introduction to support SMB2 protocol to browse the fileshare, end user will no more be able to enumerate the servers.


1.) Legacy way of browsing, without entering anything in the textbox and without entering the account is no longer supported.
2.) Simply entering d:\ or c:\ or any other local drives will no longer supported.
3.) Local directories have to be also browsed in context to the server name.
4.) Server enumeration is no longer supported.
5.) eDiscovery does not support mounting/browsing of fileshare where ONLY SMB1 is enabled.


A. Enter an account/password under the System > General > Settings page.

B. Enter a UNC path to the destination



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