Cloud Storage configuration fails with "host is unreachable(47)"

Cloud Storage configuration fails with "host is unreachable(47)"

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Last Published: 2019-06-12
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After changing the "Use Proxy server" Internet Protocol (IP) address in the Cloud Storage configuration for a previously working environment operations for this Cloud Storage server started failing with "host is unreachable(47)"

Error Message

Different errors observed depending on the operation being performed:

Failed to update the following storage server: <storage-server>
host is unreachable(47)
Could not connect to storage server. Please verify that (<storage-server) is a valid storage server of the required type ...


An exception occurred while fetching Storage Server Properties : invalid command parameter(20)
RDSM has encountered an issue with STS where the server was not found: getStorageServerConfig


This environment had been working but the proxy server configured for this Cloud Storage server was changed. The new proxy server IP address was not reachable over the network due to a missing route on the NetBackup master and media server used to connect to this Cloud Storage server.


1 In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand NetBackup Management
> Host Properties > Master Servers
in the left pane.

2 In the right pane, select the master server on which to specify properties.

3 On the Actions menu, click Properties.

4 In the left pane of the Master Server Properties dialog box, select Cloud

5 In the Cloud Storage list in the right pane, select the problem cloud storage.

6 Open the Cloud Storage properties and locate the Use Proxy Server tab and make note of the Proxy Host name or IP address.

7 Confirm that this name or IP address can be reached over the network from the master or media servers used by NetBackup to communicate with this Cloud Storage server. 

Note that the Status 47(host is unreachable(47)) could be due to a missing network route, a firewall, or some other network configuration issue. 

8 Once communication is established at the IP network layer test the failing connections and confirm they now work.

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