Aptare Licensing Utility

Aptare Licensing Utility

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Last Published: 2019-06-19
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Product(s): APTARE IT Analytics


For Veritas to generate your environment-specific, APTARE license key, there are a couple of simple steps that we need you to complete:

Step #1

  • Download and install a working version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your designated APTARE IT Analytics Portal server. 
  • Install Java 1.7 or higher:
    • The JRE may already be installed on your Portal server; you can verify this by entering “java –version” to see if it is installed.
    • If not installed, we recommend you go to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html
    • Accept the license agreement and click on the download link appropriate to your Portal’s operating system.
    • You can install the JRE in any directory (if it does not already exist on the Portal server).

Step #2

  • Save and extract the attached file in a temporary folder/directory on the designated Portal server.
  • Change to the directory and run the following command:
    java –jar aptarekey.jar

    (Note: you may need to give the full pathname to the java executable)

    The following is a sample of the output generated from this command:

============== SYSTEM INFORMATION ======================
Hostname               : Host
Operating System       : windows 2016
Number CPUs or Cores   : 2
License Activation Key : LLL7L-AAAAA-AVDPJ-VYME4-CY73M


Step #3

  • Take the output from Step #2 above and email it to license-aptare@veritas.com

Please allow 24-hours for processing.

You will receive an email from our APTARE/Veritas License Key Management team with a license key file that you can use to install and start using APTARE IT Analytics for your environment. 

For evaluation environments, the license key will be issued for a period agreed between you and your Veritas sales representative. The expiration date is a firm date from the date and time the license key is issued by Veritas. The expiration date is clearly visible on the login page of the APTARE IT Analytics Portal.


Applies To

Versions prior to 10.6. Starting in version 10.6, licenses are generated in the Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS). Please see https://www.veritas.com/content/support/en_US/article.100048764.html for information on generating licenses within VEMS.

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