How to configure Enterprise Vault with Exchange Mailboxes targeted to migrate to O365

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Last Published: 2019-03-15
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The attached whitepaper outlines the recommendations for configuring Enterprise Vault for those Exchange mailboxes, which are configured in Enterprise Vault, and customers plan to migrate those mailboxes to Office 365. This whitepaper outlines the information about the Enterprise Vault functionalities that will be available for such mailboxes post migration to Office 365.

This whitepaper includes the following:

  • Detailed recommendations for configuring Enterprise Vault archiving for the mailboxes that are enabled in Enterprise Vault for archiving and now customers plan to migrate them from Exchange on-premise to Office 365.
  • Intends to spread awareness about the change or impact on Enterprise Vault functionalities on such mailboxes that are migrated.
  • Shares the recommendations on how to fine tune the Enterprise Vault configuration and cite some common use cases about the migration of Exchange mailboxes in the customer environment.
  • Highlights the prerequisites and the common configuration settings for Enterprise Vault that are required, before the customers plan the Exchange mailbox migration to O365.
  • Contains relevant information and recommendations for those Exchange mailboxes that the customers may have already migrated without planning and performing any of the pre-configuration as described in this document.
  • Highlights the alternative for Journaling in O365 via Enterprise Vault SMTP Archiving.
  • Includes information about searching capabilities for an end-user through Journal Archive.


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