NetBackup 8.1.1 support for Enterprise Vault 12.3 and above.

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Last Published: 2018-11-27
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In Enterprise Vault 12.3, we are introducing the concept of Smart Partitions, the net result being that Vault Stores will now be able to have multiple open partitions.

As data can and will be written to any of the open partitions, NetBackup would require a change in functionality to support backup of multiple open partitions.


NetBackup 8.1.1 Agent for Enterprise Vault supports Enterprise Vault 12.3 and above (subject to supported versions documented in the Veritas NetBackup ™ 8.0 - 8.x.x Database and Application Agent Compatibility List) with following limitations.

When more than one partition is open in the Vault Store, the NetBackup agent with default settings only backup the most recently opened Vault Store partition, leaving the other open partitions in Vault Store unsecured.

Snapshot for Enterprise Vault 12.2 without Smart Partitions

 Enterprise Vault 12.2

Enterprise Vault 12.3 with standard partitions

 Enterprise Vault 12.3 Partitions

Enterprise Vault 12.3 with Smart Partitions

Enterprise Vault 12.3 Smart Partitions

Backups taken from open partions will be restored to original partions as per earlier behaviour.
You can also redirect the restores to different partitions incase the original partiton does not exist.

Support for this feature will be introduced in future release of NetBackup.

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