How to schedule MariaDB backups from NetBackup

How to schedule MariaDB backups from NetBackup

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Last Published: 2018-05-02
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You can initiate the MariaDB backups from NetBackup Administration Console using the DataStore policy to call a backup script.


This article provides an example script to schedule an automatic backup using the NetBackup Administration Console. You must copy the script to a preferred location, but ensure that the path is a white listed path. Use this script when configuring the DataStore policy for backups.

Note: You must modify the sample script according to your environment.


To backup MariaDB database using the backup script

  1. Authenticate the password in the MariaDB environment.
  2. Download the backup sample script and copy it to a preferred location.
  3. Rename the script mariadb_backup_script.txt to mariadb_backup.
  4. In the NetBackup Administration Console, create an automatic full backup schedule in the Policy>Schedule>Attributes tab.
  5. Under Backup Selection tab, provide the path to the modified script as the backup selection.
  6. Under the Client tab, specify the MariaDB server.
  7. Specify the parameters in the nbmariadb.conf file.
  8. Run the backup using the NetBackup Administration Console.

Applies to
NetBackup for MariaDB version 5.5 and later.

Operating systems
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.8 and later.
SUSE Enterprise Linux Server 11 SP4 and later.

Disclaimer: Please note that the sample script attached to this Technote is provided as is and is a sample script only. The script is not supported by NetBackup Technical support.
It is the responsibility of the customer to modify the script to take into account specific requirements and variables in his/her environment.

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