Creating vault store partitions on NFS shares

Creating vault store partitions on NFS shares

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Last Published: 2021-10-05
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You can use the procedure in this document to create vault store partitions on Network File System (NFS) shares.

Note: Before you use NFS-hosted vault store partitions in a production environment, you should verify their performance in a test environment to ensure they meet your requirements.

To mount the NFS share:

  1. On the Enterprise vault server, add the server role that provides NFS client functionality:
    • Server for NFS (Windows Server 2012)
    • Services for Network File System (Windows Server 2008 R2)
  2. Mount your NFS share using the following command:

    mount -o anon mtype=hard \\server\share drive_letter:

    where \\server\share is the UNC path for the NFS share, and drive_letter: is a spare drive letter on the Enterprise Vault server. For example:

    mount -o anon mtype=hard \\ev_vs_server\vs1 Z:

  3. Check the Properties of the new drive letter to ensure it has an NFS Attributes tab. This ensures that you have mounted an NFS share rather than CIFS share which might also be configured on your storage device.
  4. On the new drive, create a new, empty folder to host the vault store partition.

You can now use the New partition wizard to create a vault store partition on the NFS share, using the following configuration choices:

  • Set the Device type to Network Share.
  • When you specify the Location for the new Vault Store Partition, enter the UNC path you used to mount the NFS share, together with the name of the new, empty folder. For example:


  • Clear the Create Vault Store Partition with security ACLs option.
  • Select Check for a trigger file as the method that Enterprise Vault uses to ensure that items have been secured. This is because NFS does not offer an archive attribute on the files it hosts.

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