OpsCenter Operational Restore

OpsCenter Operational Restore

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Last Published: 2012-03-12
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Need for Operational Restore

A typical restore request contains the filename and client name from which the file was backed up. In most cases, the user does not remember the exact filename and/or path from which to restore. The user might remember the file modification time or other details which were not currently used to identify the backed-up file. Thus, a need for better search capability was required.
Additionally, the user is unaware of which Master Server backs up the machine. But, Master Server name is a must for an administrator to perform the restore as he needs to login to that particular machine to perform the restore request.
Previously, users were required to install NetBackup BAR GUI/Client on his machine, or were required to login to the Master Server, in order to perform restores. This was very tedious and also needed access to operating system credentials. 


Operational Restore tries to solve the above problems by providing the end user an elegant way to search and restore files. To find the backed-up files, the user needs to only specify the duration within which the file was backed-up, the file/folder name or pattern and the client name. Additionally, as OpsCenter is accessible from any machine with a browser, the installation step is not required.
Key benefits
1.       Access Control Supported through Views and User roles.
2.       Supports any copy restore.
3.       Restore Cart facility provided to accumulate files for
4.       Supports restore of replicated copies i.e. Replication Director.
Supported Policy Types and Restore Types
1.       Supports Standard, MS-Windows, FlashBackup, FlashBackup-Windows, NDMP, HyperV and VMWare policy types.
2.       Supports only Normal Restore type.

How to use:

1.       Basic Search can be performed by specifying the following criteria
1.       Filename or path pattern
2.       Time range
3.       Client name
2.       Advanced Search gives user the facility to add the following criteria to search.
1.       Policy name
2.       Policy type
3.       Policy associated keywords
4.       Backup type
5.       File extensions
6.       File or Directory modification time.
Restore Limitations
1.       Does not support the following Restore types: Archive, Raw Partition, True Image, Backup exec, Point in Time, Virtual Machines,
2.       Does not support application restores.

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