How to migrate enabled users across Active Directory forests

How to migrate enabled users across Active Directory forests

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Last Published: 2021-09-30
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How to migrate users across Active Directory forests.


The steps below provide a way to migrate a user from Forest A/ExchangeServer1 to Forest B/ExchangeServer2.

1. Disable the Forest A/ExchangeServer1 mailbox for archiving in the Enterprise Vault (EV) Vault Admin Console.

2. Remove the Forest A/ExchangeServer1 mailbox from Forest A provisioning group, Targets tab.

3. Run a synchronize of the Mailbox Archiving Task on Forest A/ExchangeServer1 mailbox.

4. Use MFCMAPI (This utility is available from Microsoft) to copy the hidden message from the Forest A/ExchangeServer1 mailbox to disk as an MSG file.
Note: To download MFCMAPI click here.

5. Move the Forest A/ExchangeServer1 mailbox (i.e. create a new Active Directory (AD) account in Forest B, Ex-Merge Forest A/ExchangeServer1 mailbox & copy in original hidden message from Forest A/ExchangeServer1 mailbox into the Forest B/ExchangeServer2 mailbox via MFCMAPI.)

6. Add new Forest B/ExchangeServer2 mailbox to provisioning group as a target and run provisioning task for Forest B.

7. In Microsoft SQL, open the ExchangeMailboxEntry table, under the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database, copy Forest A/ExchangeServer1 user's DefaultVaultID into the newly created entry which has no
value in DefaultVaultID for the Forest B/ExchangeServer2 mailbox.

8. Synchronize new Forest B/ExchangeServer2 mailbox.

9. Enable the new Forest B/ExchangeServer2 mailbox in the Vault Admin Console, which should use existing archive (from Forest A).

10. Grant the new user read, write and delete permissions to the archive.

As an alternative, the following can also be performed:

1. Copy in the hidden message.
2. Set the SynchInMigrationMode registry key to 1 (See article 000032119 in the Related Documents section)


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