VNX: Recall of Enterprise Vault FSA placeholders results in failure

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Last Published: 2021-10-19
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Product(s): Enterprise Vault


When multiple concurrent Enterprise Vault placeholders are recalled, the EMC VNX sub-system is sometimes unable to service these requests, resulting in some requests failing.


EMC has not published an article on this issue at this time, but the following settings have been shown to prevent the failures while performing the recall of placeholders in a test environment.


Login to VNX as user: nasadmin and its password.

The following commands are given with reference to SMB2 protocol, but can also be used for SMB3 to ensure that placeholder recall operations are successful. You do not need to give any special commands for SMB3. We recommend that you use SMB2 / 2.1 protocol while configuring VNX with Enterprise Vault.

  1. Change the http timeout value and the read policy for all  file systems configured for archiving using the following command:
    fs_dhsm –connection <fs_name> -modify <connection id> -read_policy_override passthrough –http_server <host> -timeout 70
    You can also use partial instead of passthrough.

  2. Increase VNX HTTP I/O size by following these steps:
    1. Change the smb2 parameter:
      1. [nasadmin@vnx1-cs0 ~]$ .server_config server_2 -v "param cifs smb2.maxCredits=64"
      2. server_param server_2 -facility cifs –list .
        This command shows the settings done in step i.
      3. In the file named "/nas/site/slot_param", enter the following line: param cifs smb2.maxCredits=64
        The parameter will persist even if the Data Mover restarts for any reason.
    2. Change the CIFS parameter:
      1. server_setup server_2 -P cifs -o stop
      2. server_setup server_2 -P cifs -o start=512

  3. If the Enterprise Vault servers are running a version lower than Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 4, you need to upgrade to Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 or later, which includes a fix for IIS HTP 500 errors in the download.asp page.

Applies To

This issue is observed where EMC VNX / DART is added as an FSA target for Enterprise Vault.



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