Unable to retrieve item due to Attachment Metadata stream for SISPart's is missing from DVS

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Unable to retrieve item due to Attachment Metadata streams for SISPart's is missing from DVS. Affected items are not indexed as storage crawler fails to retrieve the item leading to items missing from indexing.

Error Message

EVSVR DumpSaveset log shows:
Getting recombined Saveset (DVS) file.
Event Output: Unable to complete retrieval request
Reason: could not be found.(0x80030002)
Vault: VaultStore
Vault Id:11042A1F9E8155649B1C57395929EA43B1110000EVServer.domain.local
Item Id: 201701235141319~201701211210010000~Z~203D56B2D59F030E40170AF071A0B5B1
Reference: Vault/RI
Extended Item Info: Supplementary Info: (0xc0041ae2)

Dtrace of EVSVR shows:
{CSavesetOnIStg2::OpenAttachmentMetadata:#558} _com_error exception: [%1 could not be found.  (0x80030002)]


DVS files for which the SisPartMap indicates a SIS part has been removed for a particular attachment, however the attachment metadata for that attachment is missing from the saveset. This causes retrieval to fail, including for indexing, and EVSVR DumpSaveset could not get the recombined Saveset.


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 12.1.2 Release

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