A hotfix is available for OpsCenter 7.7.3 which resolves multiple issues.

A hotfix is available for OpsCenter 7.7.3 which resolves multiple issues.

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The hotfix available via the Attachments link in this document resolves the following issues affecting OpsCenter 7.7.3:
  • (ET3870838) After upgrading OpsCenter, Client Names are presented as number in the reports.
  • (ET3875845) After upgrading OpsCenter, VM Data Collection fails
More information on these particular issues can be found by accessing the Related Articles.


Bug ID: ET 3890058

Version:  NetBackup_7.7.3

Installation Location:  OpsCenter server

Installation Instructions: Please follow the instructions available in the included README file.

Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:
OpsCenter_LinuxR_x86_x86_64_773EEB_ET3890058_1.tar.gz   RedHat x64 InstallationOpsCenter_LinuxS_x86_x86_64_773EEB_ET3890058_1.tar.gz   Suse x64 InstallationOpsCenter_windows_AMD64_773EEB_ET3890058_1.zip          Windows x64 Installation

3278855195 2548160 all/OpsCenter_LinuxR_x86_x86_64_773EEB_ET3890058_1.tar.gz1904331523 2548153 all/OpsCenter_LinuxS_x86_x86_64_773EEB_ET3890058_1.tar.gz2544090528 2745764 all/OpsCenter_windows_AMD64_773EEB_ET3890058_1.zip

Recommended service state: Please shut down OpsCenter before installing this EEB.



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