How to find out why a Backup Exec backup or restore job has failed

How to find out why a Backup Exec backup or restore job has failed

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How to find out why a Backup Exec backup or restore job has failed


When a job runs in Backup Exec (tm) for Windows Servers, one or more events are logged in the Windows Application Event Viewer. By default, when a job fails an Event ID 34113 is displayed in the Application Event Viewer Log.

To find out the specific reason for the job failure:

1. Open Backup Exec User Interface (UI).

2. Click on the Job Monitor tab.

3. Double-click the failed job in the Job History window.

4. Click the Job Log tab, and scroll to the Job Completion Status section and expand it to obtain the error summary. (Figure.1)

5. Click and expand the Errors section to get the error detail. Click the error detail to find the error location in the job log.

Figure 1
6. Click the Unique Message Identifier (UMI) code, which appears as a blue hyperlink in the Job Completion Status section. (Figure 2)
Figure 2
7. A new browser window opens to the Veritas Technical Support Web site and displays the articles containing possible solutions for the issue .
Note: To not see these alerts in the Event Log, they can be disabled by going to Tools> Alert Categories and unchecking "Record event in the Windows Event log  Event ID:  34113"  The alert will still occur and be visible in Backup Exec, but an Event Log entry will not be made.


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